Tourist Attraction

29th April 2018
Parc du chateau d'Azay le Ferron

Chateau, Park & Gardens of Azay-le-Ferron

Azay-Le-Ferron The Chateau Park & Gardens of Azay-Le-Ferron with its rich architecture dating from 15th to 18th century, is a real time travelling machine. It will take you on a […]
1st May 2018

Futuroscope – Expect The Unexpected

Futuroscope at Poitiers Futuroscope is a well known European futuristic fun park that all the family can enjoy. It is a futuristic theme park with 3D & 4D cinemas, motion […]
4th May 2018

Golfing in The Haute-Vienne

Golfing In The Haute-Vienne The Haute-Vienne’s relief and climate both make it ideal for golf providing perfect greens and wide open spaces. There are three magnificent 18-hole courses in the […]
30th April 2018
Le Dorat Cinema

Le Dorat Cinema

The Cinema in Le Dorat is located Place Charles de Gaulle. There are always some films in English shown. These are noticeable by having the letters V.O by the name of the film.
3rd May 2018
L'Hippodrome du Dorat

Le Dorat Racecourse

Le Dorat Racecourse Le Dorat Racecourse or Hippodrome du Dorat is known as the ‘Hippodrome de la Sagne’ and has flat, trotting and cross country races attended by a good-sized […]
2nd May 2018

National Museum of Adrien Dubouché

National Museum of Adrien Dubouché The National Museum of China, Adrien Dubouché, opened on June 29, 2012, after a campaign of architectural and museum renovation. The museum has the richest […]
1st May 2018

Parc Zoo du Reynou

Come and discover harmony in nature at Parc Zoo du Reynou! You will be amazed by the splendour of the landscaped park and will be charmed by the beauty of […]
1st May 2018

Royal Limoges Porcelain Factory

Royal Limoges Porcelain Factory The Royal Limoges Porcelain Factory is the oldest existing porcelain factory in Limoges today. A two century old tradition together with the most advanced technology enabled Royal […]
30th April 2018
Cité des Métiers et des Arts

The City of Trades and Arts Limoges

City of Trades and Arts Limoges The City of Trades and Arts Limoges is a former refectory of the diocesan seminary of XIX century is located above the gardens of […]